Leveraging the Techniques of Moneyball

6 Critical Steps to Fielding a Successful Sales Force

What do analytics have to do with sales talent management?

Traditionally, sales managers have focused on generalized traits when hiring sales talent. We think differently. Whether the topic is baseball or sales, science is required for accurate talent selection.

In Moneyball, Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) knew the traditional metrics for selecting players wouldn’t cut it. Through rigorous statistical analysis, Beane successfully re-evaluated traditional strategies to create new metrics for evaluating a player’s true potential.

Learn how Chally applies diverse analytics and talent management tools to identify specific predictors of performance. Download the whitepaper “Leveraging the Techniques of Moneyball to Put a World-Class Sales Force on the Field” to discover the six critical steps required for implementing a successful methodology like Moneyball.

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