Strengths, Styles, and Skills: A Triple Fit Approach to Sales Talent

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How to Align Your Sales Talent with Your Market

Defining your company by what it does or what it makes cannot tell you what kind of salespeople you need to make your company successful. What matters most is knowing your market and aligning sales talent decisions with how you will meet the needs of your buyers. Over the years we have developed, tested, and refined methods to help clients better design their sales organizations and align sales talent decisions with their sales strategy. This whitepaper will introduce you to two of those methods: our Quadrant Solution and our Triple Fit framework.

Our Strengths, Styles, and Skills whitepaper:

  • Walks you through the process of aligning your sales roles to buyer needs
  • Simplifies the multifaceted nature of sales talent strategy using our Triple Fit framework
  • Outlines the tools you need to gauge your sales talent gap

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