Research Report

The Problem with Personality Tests

Research Highlights the Benefits of Predictive Assessments vs Personality Tests

Which one is better leveraged within the hiring process?

Personality tests have been used in the hiring process since the 1950s. However, research as early as the 1960s proved their lack of predictive validity. Personality tests have their value, but they are not ideal for use in hiring.

Predictive hiring assessments, on the other hand, are designed to predict on-the-job behaviors, outcomes, or criteria important to work-related performance.

To better understand when to use predictive assessments vs. personality tests, download the report “The Problem with Personality Tests.” In addition to learning how to distinguish between the two, you will learn the five attributes for a strong hiring assessment, and be introduced to the Chally Assessment—a leading predictive assessment tool for evaluating sales talent.

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