Sales Talent Development - Discover 17 Key Stats

Top Trends in Sales Talent Development

Nearly 13% of all jobs in the U.S. are full-time sales positions. Yet the average tenure for a sale rep is only 1.5 years.

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  Nearly 13% of all jobs in the U.S.  (1 in 8) are full-time sales positions.
Enterprise Account Executive is the second-most in-demand role in 2019.
  [Source: LinkedIn, 2019]





3  Reasons Top Sales Performers Join a Company

The right
compensation plan
A pro-sales
company culture
Colleagues they
know and like
[Source: Hubspot, 2018]








  67% more revenue is generated by sales high performers than average performers.
  [Source: McKinsey, 2016 War for Talent Study]

  64.1% of sales organizations surveyed plan to grow sales team size over the next 12 months.   It takes roughly 9.2 months before a new hire achieves full productivity.  
  [Source: CSO Insights 2018 Sales Talent Study]  

  32%     B2B sellers describe their organization's sales 
training programs as effective.
  62%     B2B sellers would like more coaching.
  [Source: 2017 Brainshark report]

  • High-performing organizations deliver an average of 13.3 classroom days of full-time sales.
  • 36% of high-performing salespeople have cited a lack of learning paths as their key reason for leaving a company.
  [Source: Sirius Decisions, 2017]

  The average tenure for a sales rep is 1.5 years.
  [Source: Bridge Group, 2018]
  Most sales leaders say fewer than one out of five new sales hires added over the past 24 months have been successful. 
  [Source: Sales Management Association, 2017] 

  65%   27%   10%
  65% of salespeople who fail in one role could be successful in other roles in the organization.   Only 27% of salespeople have the natural potential to succeed in both new business development and account management roles.   The odds that any person could turn out to be a top performer in both roles fall below 10%.
  [Source: World Class Sales Research]   [Source: Chally Assessment Data, 2013-2018]   [Source: Chally Assessment]